Director General
National Archives of Pakistan, Islamabad

Director General Message

The National Archives of Pakistan is a pioneer archival institution, acquainting the public with the history, people, land and heritage of Pakistan. The National Archives of Pakistan collects, documents and preserves primary and secondary source materials has the mandate to acquire, arrange, preserve and disseminate the public and private archival record that foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of history of the Pakistan.

  • 1. Archival Material
  • National Archives collects a wide variety of indigenous sources ranging from oral and written history, rare books, manuscripts, audio visual material like photograph, film and recording.
  • 2. Government Record
  • The National Archives is a repository for records of the Federally funded entities.
  • 3. Research and Reference Services
  • Excellent research facilities are extended to the visiting researchers/scholars and students in an environment conducive to research.
  • 4. Conferences, Exhibitions and Workshops
  • Fulfilling its role as leading research and resource center The National Archives hosts and participating in numerous regional and international conferences, workshops and exhibitions.
  • 5. Partnerships
  • The National Archives of Pakistan has established relationships with leading international archival centres in order to expand its archives and resources, and is the member of International Council of Archives (ICA), South and West Asian Regional Branch (SWARBICA) and Association of Commonwealth Archivists and Record Managers (ACARM).

The National Archives has become a hub for all seekers of knowledge bearing of history and development of Pakistan. It is my great pleasure to welcome all the students, researchers/scholars and general public to visits us and explore treasure of knowledge preserved in the National Archives. I am confident that, this growing National Archives will remain a pioneer institution, embracing all efforts to disseminate our knowledge of history and culture.

Evaluation and Development

The Directorate of Archives and Libraries was established in 1951, as sub-ordinate office of the Ministry of Education. The Department of Archives was bifurcated on 8th December, 1973 which established two separate departments, namely National Archives of Pakistan and National Library. In 1977, the subject of Archives was alloted to newly created Culture Division. Later on 9th January 1997, the National Archives of Pakistan was attached to the Cabinet Division. The National Archives building comprising 1,50,000 sq.ft. covered area is located in the Administrative Block Area of Islamabad. The building was constructed into two phases. The administration block (phase-I) was completed in 1988 while the 2nd phase repositories were completed in 1995.

Services of National Archives

The National Archives can be called as the heaven for researchers, and through efforts of years it has proved it affinity towards the scholars/researchers. Citizens and visiting scholars can get their desired references in the form of soft and hard copies.
NAP provides the following facilities to the citizens, visiting scholars and institutions:

  • We offer Physical and Digital archival collections, reference, and research facilities
  • Digital archive offered access to newspapers, periodicals, private collections and government publications containing 1.8 Million pages
  • Reading room where photocopies of prominent record are kept for referencing
  • Microfilm reference room where microfilm readers and printers are provided for reading record on microfilms
  • Archives library where referencing is available
  • In the photographic section, photographic albums are provided for referencing
  • Photocopies and copies of microfilm and photographs can be obtained at cost to cost basis
  • Consultancy / Advisory services related to record management
  • Digitization of Record
  • Record Preservation training
  • Internship for Students