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The National Archives of Pakistan serves as the custodian of the nation's historical records, preserving and providing access to a vast collection of documents, photographs, and other invaluable resources. The institution plays a pivotal role in promoting the understanding and appreciation of Pakistan's cultural heritage, ensuring the preservation of its rich history for future generations.

Evaluation and Development

The Directorate of Archives and Libraries was established in 1951, as sub-ordinate office of the Ministry of Education. The Department of Archives was bifurcated on 8th December, 1973 which established two separate departments, namely National Archives of Pakistan and National Library. In 1977, the subject of Archives was alloted to newly created Culture Division. Later on 9th January 1997, the National Archives of Pakistan was attached to the Cabinet Division. The National Archives building comprising 1,50,000 sq.ft. covered area is located in the Administrative Block Area of Islamabad. The building was constructed into two phases. The administration block (phase-I) was completed in 1988 while the 2nd phase repositories were completed in 1995.

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Mr. Aamir Ashraf Khawaja

Secretary Cabinet
(Cabinet Division)

Mr. Naveed Alauddin

Director General
(National Archives of Pakistan)

News And Events

The National Archives of Pakistan is proud to announce its celebration in honor of International Archives Day on 9th June, 2023. View Press Release
The National Archives of Pakistan invites applicants for its development Project tittled "Strengthening & Modernizing National Archives of Pakistan". View Advertisement | Apply Online
The National Archives of Pakistan invites sealed bids from the original manufacturers / authorized distributors / suppliers/resellers Contractors etc. View Tender Notice
The National Archives of Pakistan is organizing a Training Course on "Conservation and Preservation of Archival Material" on 1-5 November, 2021.
Mr. Naveed Alauddin assumed the charge of Director General (National Archives of pakistan) on December 03, 2020.

Our Holdings

Media Reports Repository

A Media Reports Repository, is a method to manage Newspapers, Periodicals, Radio Pakistan Record and other News Bulletins...

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Private Collections

The National Archives of Pakistan holds a number of Private Collections, which were received as donations or through purchase during the last 50 Years...

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Government Publications

The National Archives of Pakistan have a large collection of Government Publications such as Gazettes, Gazetteers and Assembly Debates...

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Reprography is the reproduction of graphics/document through mechanical or electrical means , such as Photography or Xerography...

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Major Functions


Preservation refers to the set of activities that aims to prolong the life of a record with as little changes to original record as possible. Preservation is practiced in archive when they perceive a record is in need of care.

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Lost documents are more than ink and paper. They are legal victories, hours of hard work, an irreplaceable treasure, an original signature, manuscripts and more. Restoration is the main element in the preservation of documents and manuscripts.

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Microfilm has been the most cost-efficient, safe and durable method for preserving the document throughout the ages. Document security should not be an after thought. It should be very first thought.

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The digitization process for preservation of historical treasure for posterity and saving that from wear and tear during consultation process. Modern Archives are being transformed very fast into digital format.

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Research & Reference

The Research Rooms are dedicated to provide the public full and open access to the Archival sources of a Nation. National Archives of Pakistan has also established a Research Room where every possible research facility is provided to the visiting researchers/scholars.

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Training & Courses

National Archives of Pakistan offer training to develop skills, knowledge and understanding within the archives sector. Our training sessions are relevant from both an organisational and individual perspective.

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